a sweet surprise (literally)

We pulled up to the Shoppers at 9pm on a freeeeezing Tuesday evening, with a mutual understanding that Beans would quickly run to the post office, while I stayed in the car, keeping it toasty warm for us.

Right before he closed the car door I told him to get me a surprise :)

I waited 3, 4 minutes maybe (probably jamming out to Paramore or some other band I'm not allowed to listen to when we're together) and when he came back he told me to close my eyes. 

And this is what he placed into my open hands:

A little box to store some of the Valentines Day baking I've been planning!

See, this V-day will kinda suck because Beans will be auditing a company in Red Deer, Alberta for 3 weeks, spanning over the 14th. But I told him I would still bake some goodies and keep them safe until he returned. Thus this adorable little tub for my homemade red velvet cookies!

It was the perfect surprise, and it acts as just one more reason I know I picked a good one :)

P.S...isn't Pinterest just the best resource for cute baking ideas? Here are a couple things I've pinned lately:


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