the end of an era (EVERYBODY DRINK!)

We wanted an excuse to have a party...

And I wanted to set a hard date on when my last glass of wine would be before we started trying to have a baby. 

Yes, friends...we've done the marriage part, and now we're starting to think about the next chapter. The sore feet, weird cravings, sleepless nights, goo-goo-ga-ga chapter :)

And thus, the "We're Not Pregnant, EVERYBODY DRINK!" party was born. The concept was was going to be my last night of partying before cutting myself off. And for all of my other manifested in them celebrating their years of religiously taking their pills and NOT skipping to the baby chapter a little too early.

I know it's alright to keep drinking occasionally until you find out you're pregnant...but I'm 23. It's better to just throw a hard limit on it and know for sure that we've done everything we can to make a healthy baby. 

So, I made your typical spread of baked goods, you know...pregnancy test sugar cookies, planB cupcakes, rockets as birth control pills...

And then I gathered up your typical props, like oversize baby bottles, booze, cigarettes, soothers, "My Mom is Hot" bibs...

And we all had a great time being unfit parents in my living room photobooth:

And we even had faux-baby-shower games. Like who can name the most mixed drinks or brands of alcohol that have baby names in it...


Jack Daniels
Alexander Keith's
HeineKEN (this was Beans' addition, and it counted for a half-point)
Sam Adams
Prince Igor
Jose Cuervo
Kahlua (stripper names were deemed acceptable)
Captain Morgan
Bud (hillbillies are people too)
Tom Collins get the idea.

Or who can blow up the biggest condom in 30 seconds...

I love my friends. And I love that the next party we throw might be an actual baby shower...

Beans telling a riveting story:

We have this one friend who makes the BEST faces everytime the camera comes out. I couldn't resist this collage.

Savouring my last glass of wine...

Onto the next chapter... :)

special thanks to my buddy Chris for taking a ton of these pics :) 
i was off duty for the majority of the evening thanks to him!


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