sleepless nights

I'm a good sleeper. As in, I'm that person who can fall asleep on a plane (aisle seat or window seat), on a bus, on a boat, train, you name it. 

I can sleep sitting up in a chair. I can sleep lying down on a hard floor. I can take a 3 hour nap at 11am if I wanted to. 

And I fall asleep quickly. Effortlessly. 

But every once in awhile, I can't sleep. Because of my amazing relationship with sleep, this never really annoys me. I mean, if I can't sleep for one night every...oh, I don't know...three months, what do I have to complain about?

Instead, I use those 7 or 8 hours to the best of my ability. I read things! I scour the Internet for photographic inspiration! I work on my blogging calendar! I think, and digest, and write. 

It happened last night; my one night every three-ish months...I couldn't sleep. My eyes just didn't feel like staying shut, and after about 30 minutes of lying in the dark, totally awake and alert (note: in my world, this is an eternity and I could have otherwise fallen asleep about 5 times over), I realized that there was no use tossing and turning. I might as well turn on the nightlight and get to work. 

I started with my typical reading of all my favourite girls:

and Nancy Ray

And moved on to some of my favourite Instagram feeds: 

Which lead me to check out Lara Casey's blog for the first time ever! (How I've followed this woman's Instagram feed for MONTHS but never visited her blog is beyond me). And this lead me to all kinds of reading about branding, marketing, and eventually finding much inspiration from Southern Weddings Magazine

Let me tell ya, if you're looking for an interesting 
corner of the internet to read up on, this is the place to look. 

My reading tonight (because what you're reading was written at 4:13am) has lead me to these thoughts:

I need to set goals for myself.
I need to be more vulnerable in my blogging.
I need to blog more frequently.
I need to take more photos for ME.

I want to go to workshops and meet other people with the same passions.
I want to work harder at documenting beautiful wedding days.
I want to make changes before this wedding season begins.
I want to declutter. 

The fact that these thoughts are pouring out of me so quickly convinces me that they are important and that I deserve to explore them over and over until it feels like second nature. I feel that over the last couple months I've lost a bit of the blogging spark, and I've grown accustomed to blogging wedding A, and then waiting a couple days before posting wedding B, and repeat, repeat, repeat. 

I've forgotten what it's like to stare at a blank screen at 9am with my morning coffee and think, "what's on my mind today?" That carefree blogging attitude lead to posts like this, or this, or this...and when I look back on the posts of 2011 and 2012, I'm so grateful to have them. 

That was so easy to do when I was working (or...should I say...AT work...), because it was part of the routine. And back then, there weren't emails waiting to be answered and wedding inquiries to get to, and shoots with pending edits...

But blogging IS part of the business day, or at least it should be! 

I'm giving myself a challenge for the day:

To post some version of this lengthy word scramble I've written tonight, 
and to take a photo that makes me happy.

This photo reminds me of the places I've been, the things I've read, 
my desire to write, and my general restlessness.  

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