what is wrong with this picture?

So I got this email from one of my brides, with a link to another photographer's blog. Uh-oh. 

I expected the email to read something along the lines of "I LOOOOVE this photographer, if you could please just be a bit more like him/her while shooting our engagement and wedding, that would be great! Thanks a buuuunch!"

To my great delight, the link was accompanied by the question, "can you spot what is wrong with this engagement shoot?"

I clicked the link, and looked through the photos of a pretty girl in a pretty dress, doing all the cute engagement-shoot-type things with her lovely fiancé, who happened to be wearing...Crocs.

Yes, you read that right, the guy wore Crocs. TO THE SHOOT. Just in case I didn't spot the problem for myself, she eased my mind by saying:

"Seriously... the guy is wearing Crocs and the girl is
wearing really cute heels. That is not okay.
Just so you know... there is no way that we will be
wearing Crocs at our engagement shoot....
or likley at any point in our marriage." 

Apparently I attract the best couples on the planet. And now I'm officially counting down the days to their wedding.


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