shawna + shawn | walter baker engagement

Ever since I met these two way back in November, I was excited for their wedding.

The thing you need to know is that there are two types of wedding consults...the kind where the couple has everything in place and the photographer is one of the last contracts to sign, and the kind where photography is the first thing they've booked, and the rest is a big question mark.

Shawna and Shawn fit perfectly into that second category, so by the time our engagement session came I couldn't wait to hear all about their wedding plans! And now that I've head the word polkadots...I'm even more excited :)

Okay, enough chit chat, YOU'VE GOTTA SEE THESE PHOTOS! This entire session just makes me so happy.

So, although I loooooove the closeup of these chalkboards, their faces are just too cute to not share :)

Stay tuned, because you'll be seeing these two tie the know in September! ♥

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