liz + zach | museum of civilization engagement

They told me they weren't very serious people. I took it with a grain of salt, thinking that as soon as I'd put up my camera, they'd start to freeze up just a tad, feel awkward, and eventually...get serious.

I hoped it wasn't true, but like I said, I took their response with a grain of salt. 

But then this magical thing happened...I put up my camera, and they thrived on it. Their laughter didn't stop for more than a minute during our session. I don't think I needed to say "closer! closer!" even once...

If anything, they became MORE into each other, and more like kids running around at recess. 

I loved every. single. second.

It was the longest session I've ever had (truth), and yet I couldn't seem to get enough of Liz and Zach.

So I'm going to start off by saying, Zach...where's the beach?

Hahaha YES...this was our take on bad family photos.

Liz and Zach's friends had some champagne made up for their engagement party! Way too adorable that they brought some to their engagement shoot :)

Aaaand their true colours are revealed once more...

Liz, Zach...thank you for being wonderful, amazing, fun-loving clients. I adore you to pieces, and I hope you look at these photos and think "oh my god...that is SO us."


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