loving lately: aubrey & detoxing & the gat

Apparently it has been ten million years since my last loving lately post, my bad. Nevertheless, here are three things I'm currently obsessing over ♥

1. Aubrey Plaza.Can't handle how much I enjoy this person... Ever since I saw her interview on Chelsea Lately, I've been youtubing her like crazy!

Also [and this is more of a mental note for selfish reasons], I need to remember to download Parks and Recreation. And every single TV show and movie this girl has ever been in.

2. Wine detoxing.

 this was the plan...stop drinking completely, and then by the time our Punta Cana wedding rolls around, I'll have the tolerance of a 15 year old girl who gets giddy after one shot of Sour Puss. Turns out this really works, and now when I'm stressed, one glass of wine does just the trick!

3. Driving through Gatineau Park.Recently, I drove up to Gatineau Park for an engagement session, and I was so taken with its beauty that I risked my life to take an instagram while driving. Oopsie.

The beauty of the drive aside, Gatineau Park is not one of my favourite places to shoot... I much prefer urban spots for engagement sessions, like this one that I posted earlier this week. Just in case you were wondering ;)

And, as always, here's a tune I'm loving lately:

Oh, and one more thing...take a look at what I'm currently editing:

What's an appropriate hashtag for this?



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