on this day in 2011...

On this day in 2011, I started my business.

I can't decide whether it's crazy that it's ALREADY been a year, or whether it's crazy that it's ONLY been a year. Either way, I'm celebrating the day I decided that I wanted to be a wedding photographer.

A year ago today, I read for eight hours straight about lenses, external flashes, online galleries, the importance of blogging, and what every photographer needs to get started.

A year ago today, I booked seven family sessions and three civil ceremony weddings, with the hope of building a portfolio.

A year ago today, I walked to Grand & Toy on my lunch break to purchase a daytimer to keep track of the sessions I had just booked.

A year ago today, two of the most important people in my life told me they knew I could do it, no matter how hard it was, or what it entailed.

A year ago today, everything changed. 

I'm sad that Beans can't be here to share this day with me :( But I'm sure he's thinking about me and wishing he could share my cupcake! ♥

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