happy father's day!

Thanks for teaching me all the words to Jimmy Buffet and Meatloaf's entire discography.

Thanks for never hesitating to go search the basement for whatever random object I NEEDED for school the next day.

Thanks for stopping at McDon's every Saturday morning after swim practise when I was a kid.

Thanks for all the late-night pickups.

Thanks for teaching me how to buy tickets from a scalper.

Thanks for magically producing a moving truck on 1 day's notice.

Thanks for letting me watch Uncle Buck at least 5 years before Mom would have let me.

Thanks for cutting out articles that you think I'd like to read, and leaving them for me on my placemat, beside the pile of mail from places that I never bothered to change my address.

Happy father's day, Dad.
Sorry I couldn't be with you guys this weekend to celebrate!

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