the big 23

His birthday was postponed.

On June 25th, Beans was still in Toronto working on leg #2 of the CA exams, and I wasn't a huge fan of not being around for his we postponed it.

June 25th came on June 29th this year lol, and started off right with some banana nut pancakes. After that, I told him that we kinda sorta had plans for the afternoon. Oh, and his best friends were kinda sorta in on it.

You see, a couple months ago, I signed the three musketeers up for an afternoon at Calabogie Motor Sports. The guy on the phone ensured me it would be a hit gift. "Dude's gonna love it," he said.

So with fingers crossed, not knowing at all what they should expect, the boys and I drove into the boonies...

And I'm happy to report, it was pretty freakin' cool.

They boys spent 15 minutes in the classroom going over the course, including how to pass each other, what turns were sketchy, when to go from 3rd gear to 4th... I sat in on the course just to hear about what they'd be doing. All I could think was...THANK GODDDD I didn't sign up for this.

So I give you...the course of death:

Our leader, Glen, fit each of the boys into their cars...

And I made each of them show me their patented race face.

My fave, obviously... the birthday boy ♥

Oh, and did I mention I got to ride shotgun? Glen let me ride with him, so I had the BEST view of all 3 cars for the entire race. I also got to hear Glen's commentary on each of the drivers.

He would ask me things like "what's the dynamic between these guys, who busts each other's balls the most?" and we used my knowledge of their personalities to push their speeds to the limit.

I think they had a good time...


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