the holy grail of hard work

The Mac makes me slightly uncomfortable.

It has so much power (compared to my crappy $300 laptop), that if I sit near it and don't do anything productive, I feel guilty. 

It is because of this, that I view this lovely, gorgeous Mac as the holy grail of hard work. Whenever I sit near it, I get the urge to cross a bazillion things off my to-do list, and somehow the hours pass by like minutes.

Today I sat at the Mac and transferred the next 6 episodes of LOST onto the memory card, so that I could bring them downstairs and watch them on the big screen for the rest of the evening. Those 6 episodes needed approximately 9 minutes to transfer. 

So I decided to make myself useful for 9 minutes. 

That was precisely 4 and a half hours ago. 

Like I said, the holy grail of hard work. 

Somehow 4 and a half hours slipped through my fingers, all while I was diligently typing out countless blog entries, answering emails that needed complicated answers, and moving things from my desktop into their proper folders. Yes, it feels freakin' amazing that all of that work is now behind me, but part of me wishes I was 6 episodes further into LOST Season 4 (obviously so I could find out if Daniel really is a good guy, and wait for Juliette to die a slow, painful death). 

But what can I say, the Mac is a force to be reckoned with, and I am leaving the den tonight the way I usually do... 


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