Tuesday, June 19, 2012

helen + albert | st. elias wedding

Helen and Albert were married this past Saturday; a truly gorgeous day from beginning to end. I have never seen Helen so beautiful, and Albert so happy ♥...

Madly in love with their choice of florals :)

Aww, one of my favourite moments from the morning ♥

Right before we went into the church, Helen took a minute to secure her Grandmother's rosary around the bouquet. So lovely...

Minister: I, Helen
Helen:    I, Helen...
Minister: take thee, Albert
Helen:    take thee, Albert...
Minister: to be my wife
Helen:    to be my...HUSBAND!

The minister was completely mortified!! But honestly, it was hilarious.

If that's not pure joy, I don't know what is...!

The couple danced their way into the reception and I had goosebumps because of how romantic it was. 

And of course Helen made the cake!! It was based on everything they wanted to do during their lives together...travel, buy a house, have babies....SO cute.

And then the party hit...!

Congratulations to Helen and Albert, the sweetest newlyweds on the planet right now ♥ Leave them some kind words and best wishes!