loving lately: charlotte + g-reader + pink!

1. iMac
There are no words. It was quite the journey to get this thing, but now that I have it, I can't imagine how I managed without it.

I'm also done calling it "it." This lady needs a name. Beans and I talked about it and we like Charlotte. She's classy like that.

2. Google Reader
So I'm a little slow out of the gate on this one, but Google Reader has recently changed my life. Every morning I used to sit upstairs on my computer and click on each link in my treasured favourites bar.

I love how simple it is to keep up with all of the photographers I love an admire now!! The photos you're seeing on the left are from
Jamie Delaine's latest blog post :) Love her style.
3. Pink!
I'm not the type to always choose the pink one...or the sparkly one...or the one that lights up. I still prefer plain old Bic pens to anything fancy.

But yesterday morning, my straightener gave out on me, and I did something very out of character when I went to Sally Beauty that morning...I bought the pink one!

And I gotta say...it kinda rocks.
 And, as always, here's a tune I'm loving lately:

{a note about this song: I can't stop listening to it...over and over and over again. 
If you're wondering why it sounds familiar, then you must also be a Twilight fan, 
and therefore I propose we make a date to sit down and discuss 
the ridiculousness of the wolf-voices from Breaking Dawn Pt. 1.}


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