tales of a pc user turned mac

Beans bought me a Mac about a week ago. Not just any Mac...a top of the line, 27", super duper shiny and cool iMac.

He spoils me :)

FedEx tracking system says the package is in Calgary. Wonder if it will make its way to Ottawa sometime today...

Ottawa! Now it says "in transit," always a good sign.

No shipments today. Starting to worry that when I actually get the thing I won't even know how to turn it on.

Attempted delivery at 11:27am. Perfect...smack dab in the middle of my only shoot today. FedEx fail.

Called FedEx, get to pick up the package anytime after 6:30pm!


Ugh...seriously? Drivers license still had my old address on it. Good thing I picked up the mail earlier that afternoon and was lazy enough to leave it on the front seat all day...the lady let me use that as proof of address. WIN!

This thing is super heavy. Wish Beans was here to help me lift the thing into Dash!

Home with both Beans and the iMac! Time for Beans to take a picture of me holding the heavy box before we can start opening it. Sometimes I think he resents me for stopping to photograph everything before it happens.

Can't turn it on.

Reading manual to figure out how to turn it on. The good news is we've found the power button. Bad news is...it did us no good.

On the phone with Apple Support. Beans is running the show and I am dying of laughter.
- What product did you purchase?
- iMac.
- I see you purchased that device in March 2012, is that correct?
- Yup.
- Please answer YES, or NO.
- Yes.
- What seems to be the problem? Example: it won't turn on.
- It won't turn on.
- We apologize for that.

After a long chat with Shawn, the enthusiastic Apple rep, it looks like she's a dud :( This post just turned into a part one.

This hugging photo now seems more like a goodbye than a hello. The good news is, Apple threw in a magic track pad or something like that. Beans is pumped.

P.S. that's me in that photo.
If you're thinking snazzy pjs Laur! then yeaaaah buddy, Joe Fresh.


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