sometimes, you delete all the words by accident.

I woke up in the creative zone this morning (funny how that happens the day after I declare my recent blogger's block lol). I felt like sprucing up the website and blog, creating new Facebook covers and designing promo material.

I decided to direct this creativity towards the HTML on my blog, however while I was playing around with one part of the code, I accidentally erased all of my blog posts.


(The worst part was...I was starving while all of this was happening, but there was no way I was walking away from my computer without retrieving every single post.)

Long story short, I got it all back with a few calculated clicks (& excitedly ran off to make lunch!). I could finally breathe again. It made me really appreciate having learned my lesson about backing up my photos at EVERY stage, from upload to edit to export to delivery, so that I don't have to go through this fear of losing everything again.

And today, I learned something else...there's a button called "Save Your Blog Template" lol.


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