#3 get a pet (wentworth's big debut!)

#3: get a pet

I had my doubts that I would get this one crossed off the list, seeing as how I'm pretty allergic to every kind of animal! But after begging Beans for a pug and getting denied for five years straight, he couldn't be mad when I came with this lil guy!

His name is Wentworth. We are growing quite fond of him :)

He is a bit of a funny guy, you have to drop the food directly beside his mouth for him to eat it, and he swims extra fast when you put your finger against the side of his bowl :)

I know all of you dog and cat owners out there are thinking "huh, a fish, big deal!" but he's the only little guy that doesn't make me sneeze or make my eyes water endlessly, and for that...he's the perfect pet ♥


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  1. awe, so cute and I love the name you picked! i used to have one named Moses...may he RIP...FYI cats and fish dont mix


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