and a website to match...

One of the main things I came home with from WPPI 2012, was the firm belief that in order for your clients to feel a connection with you online, you need to show them who you are. No longer can you get by with writing about the associations you've a member of, or including a list of the super fancy equipment that you shoot with.'ve got to be different.

You've got to be you.

Because of my love affair with blogging, I felt pretty confident that I had established who I am on the internet, website seemed to lack a bit in one area...that's right...that "about me" section.

I dedicated my last couple nights to kicking this page into gear. Long story gotta come see what's new in the "about me" section of the website!

Happy Sunday!

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  1. Great addition to the website. This will make Birthday and Christmas much easier for us! Thanks!


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