jenna + dennis | loch march engagement

Jenna and Dennis get a gold star today.

It's not because they're super cute, or because they have the most adorb puppy on the planet, it's because they indulged my craziness for a little over an hour this past weekend.

You see, we planned to do their engagement session at Loch March Golf Course. I'd shot there before and loved the location. However...apparently all three of us were having a communal blonde moment when we thought a golf course would be open in the middle of a Canadian winter.

So what happens when a blonde, a brunette, and a redhead pull up to a gated golf course on a cloudy Saturday afternoon? It's exploring time, my friends.

These two were unbelievable subjects, indulging me in every one of my crazy "oooooooomg the light is so perfect right here!" moments.

Gotta love them for that :)

Probably one of my FAVE engagement shots...ever.

And what is the deal with cute couples having equally cute puppies? Can't handle how much I love.


Jenna and Dennis...enjoy the sandy beaches of Mexico this April for your destination wedding! I hope you have the BEST time ♥ 130 thad johnson rd

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