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I love new stuff!

And there's something new on the blog today. That's right...gorgeous, fancy, shmancy, super amazing FACEBOOK COMMENTS!!!

This is something I've been trying to implement onto the blog for quite some time, and to my great unhappiness, it proved to be insanely difficult. This morning I posted a question to a network of photographers from all around the world, who I love and admire, and asked them if they had any tips for me.

I love Showit (noun. not just a website platform, it's a lifestyle) for providing me access to this network because this morning, one Showiteer in particular spent over 2 hours with me working on getting this working exactly how I wanted.

That's love.

So my friends, comment away...♥ I'd love nothing more than to hear from you! And even if you have nothing to say, say thank you to Lisa Frankel from NJ, USA.

Fine print: I'm not sure if you can see them in Internet Explorer...
but if you can, great! Let me know :)

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