sometimes, the words don't come.

I'm human.

And that means sometimes...the words don't come.

My brother called me tonight to catch up (it had been too long!) and one of the first things he said to me was, "there haven't been too many blog posts lately!" I knew this all too well.

Still though, for this being my 10th post in March, and it being March 11th, I'm not doing too shabby. But I definitely feel that sense of not having much to say lately! I mean...what is there to say?

I've been busy :)
Lots and lots of family shoots :) 
Lots and lots of kids and their adorable smiling faces :)

My Mac still isn't here, should be here by Wednesday I believe.

I've finished Life As I Blow It, and moved on to My Horizontal Life, which means I'm now three books into my goal of twenty-four!

I've finished The Help, and Midnight in Paris, which means I'm now three Oscar
movies into my goal of all ten!

Beans is working a lot, but this week he's on a different client and I'm excited that we get to have a bit of a morning commute again :)

Oh, I knew there was something else...WE HAVE A NEW BABY NEPHEW!!! Auntie Laura and Uncle Beans were very excited to visit baby Nathan (& Shaun & Sherry too!) in the hospital this past Friday night ♥

Uncle Beans barely let this little guy out of his arms for a cute :)


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