date night

I love that he empties the dishwasher;
love that he sits on my back after a particularily tough day;
love that he wakes me up 30 minutes early and then lets me snooze;
love that he constantly reminds me that I am allergic to puggles.

But most of all, I love that whenever I tell him it's date night, he listens. On the way home from picking Beans up at work last night, I did that very thing; I told him it was date night.

I also told him I was mad craving watermelon. And with it being date night and all, Beans has no choice but to indulge me and my bizarre craving. So after our delicious snack, we headed to the theatre to see Wrath of the Titans (you can skip this one, Immortals was way better) and held hands the entire time.

Love comes in many forms, but to looks a little bit like 3D glasses, holding hands, and a bizarre craving for watermelon.


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