oh punta cana...you did us proud

We had such a blast at Dreams Palm Beach for Shaun and Sherry's wedding, but at the same time...it feels good to be home and back to the fresh air, super comfy pillows, and the little Weezy dog.  

By the way, I never expected the Punta Cana airport to feel so familiar to me...but after my 4th trip to the Dominican in the past 6 months, I definitely know my way around!

I am giving myself a major pat on the back for staying away from wifi the whole week (except for one check-in to ask our travel agent a question), but that doesn't mean my phone was locked up in the hotel room! I took a TON of iPhone photos this week in an attempt to commit all of these wonderful moments to memory :)

Things like our catamaran excursion...

 All 27 wedding guests set sail for a 4 hour cruise complete with Mama Juana and GREAT music. These photos make me grateful for my fearlessness in carrying my phone across this mammoth boat. 

The resort was absolutely beautiful, and reminded us a lot of the resort where we got married :) Tropical flowers grew on the trees, the sun set behind palm trees each night, Beans made many Beans faces, and I got a lot of reading done. 

It was wonderful...

Here are a couple shots of the resort taken with my real camera :)

Oh yeah, and I should probably mention that a couple of us calculated how many passionfruits I ate that week, and how much that would have cost had I purchased them in Canada. 

The grand total: 72 passionfruits, and approximately $216 CAD. 

By day 4, everyone stopped making fun of my breakfast plate, and even the dinner waiters started serving me ice cold passionfruits as a side dish.

And this is the part where I share a teensy little sneak peek of Shaun and Sherry's wedding day...



  1. Great photographs! It makes me want to head south asap. Question - Do you use an app to edit pictures on your iPhone? If so, would you mind sharing with ones? Your iPhone pictures are always so gorgeous and I feel like mine never look as good. Thx :)

    1. I edit my iPhone photos on instagram, and every once in awhile, I collage them using Diptic :)


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