in the clouds

On Saturday night, I sat down to dinner with Ryan and my parents, and the subject of the meaning of life came up. Ryan posed a question to the table, asking us what we consider life to be about. I answered first, probably because my head had been in the clouds all weekend and I had lots of time to think about it. 

I said:
to find out what you love, and find ways to do the most of whatever it is.

My dad said:
to love & to serve.

My mom said:
to enjoy the small stuff along the way.

Ryan said:

What my mom said really stuck with me. Sometimes I worry that I get too concerned with moving forward, that I forget to look around at where I am. Starting this business has been a blast, but it has always been about taking the next step. I need to remember that someday I'll look back on all this and wish I looked around a little bit more.

So for today, there are no new projects on the horizon, no business ventures to research or prepare.


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  1. I like what you said, as I've been on that search for a VERY long time. But what your mom said too - is very important and can be the hardest. For people that don't have/recognize their passion, and DO have to live doing a job, that's just a job, being able to enjoy the little things is EVEN more important!


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