hijacked! (welcome to beans week)

What's up laura kelly photo blog readers, its beans (laura's husband).  As many of you know from her last post (if you missed it, read that here) laura is in the beautiful sun shooting some beautiful weddings for the next 10 days, and she left me behind!


For those who don't know me, I'm the glam-viking (not the retro-pimp)

But don't worry, I planned ahead: a little bit of last minute interest in her blogging process and her saving passwords on her computer means that I can spend my time safely indoors, away from the snow, filling her blog with beans-related guest posts all week.

Since I don't think she'll have internet down there, at least not for the first week, I should be able to get away with this.  So if you all promise not to tell laura, I will promise not to turn this into a blog about accounting and silly internet pictures.

Or silly internet pictures about accounting

Instead I'll keep it relevant and try to offer my perspective on some photography matters and maybe share a few interesting (and potentially embarrassing) stories about my lovely wife while I'm at it.  And while I probably wont be taking any new pictures to share with you (I don't know how to work all her fancy cameras) I will happily answer any questions in the comments if you want to know a little bit more about the-man-behind-the-woman-behind-the-lens. 

Or about accounting... just sayin'.



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