all good things...

I've had an absolute blast guest-posting this week, it went by too quickly!  I did plan on sharing a few back-end tips for any other small-business owners out there, but perhaps Laura will invite me back (maybe closer to tax time) for another guest post at some point.

I wanted to save the most important post for last: some of you know Laura as a photographer, and some as a friend (and many as both), but I'm kinda hoping I'm the only one who knows her as a wife.  And as good a photographer as she is, I assure you, she is much better as a bride, and I'd like to share a few reasons why I know this is true (and since I know she'll be back one day and reading this, I'll use a familiar medium to explain):

She looks much better in front of a camera than behind it:

'nuff said

No matter how busy she is, at any moment I could always come home to a beautiful plate of cupcakes (rainbow chip of course, because she knows I've still yet to actually grow up):

She's kind of yet to actually grow up too...

She is going to make a fantastic mother.

Her life is never dull.

She brought this little man into our lives


She will make themed sugar cookies for any occasion.

Seriously, she is gorgeous

We fit together perfectly.

and finally...

She absolutely loves me

And I absolutely love her too.




  1. Aw- so cute! It was fun reading your blog posts this week, Beans- Great way to end it, too :)


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