amy + isaac | junkyard engagement

The thought of working on New Years Eve seems absolutely repulsive, right? 

Totally agreed.

Except when you're a wedding photographer, and your work is to spend the night with two people that you happen to be quite fond of, while they exchange vows and dance the night away...

And that's how I feel about Amy & Isaac. My two newest friends, and hosts of the party where I'll be hanging out on NYE. The party that I now know...will be freaking amazing. 

The three of us ventured into a really cool junkyard for their engagement photos -- a location totally handpicked by Isaac himself. And let me just say...shooting in a new environment with a really fun couple reminds me just how much I LOVE what I do. 

Check out some shots from our time together:

The thing you need to know about these that when you first ask them to do something, they have their own, unique, variation of it. 

Example number one: if you tell them to dance all cute together, they do this:

But then they get a little more serious, and give me some photographic gold:

Here's another example of this lol...

If you ask them to walk together, this happens:

And I think this is them taking my direction to "look anywhere but right at my camera." Might be my fave. 

My dearest Amy & Isaac, thank you for giving me a super fun shoot, and a new favourite location to boot. 

Cannot WAIT for your big day! 



  1. they look like they`re going to make your NYE a blast. Much happiness to the cute cute couple

  2. YEYE!!! Thanks SO much Laura!!! We promise New Years will be fun! I absolutely wouldn't have it any other way!!!

  3. this is probably my favorite engagement shoot you have done...i'm so in love with all of it! congrats to that super awesome couple


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