shaun + sherry | expecting!

I feel the need to warn you.

What you're about to see is NOT my fiancé, Ryan, getting maternity shots done with another woman. No, no...we are not some really weird Sister Wives sort of family. (Not that there's anything wrong with that.)

This is Shaun (Ryan's older brother), with a fiancé all his own, the lovely Sherry ♥

And they happen to be expecting a little boy by the name of Nathan, whom Ryan and I happen to be quite fond of already.

Expecting...engaged...those are big words in this industy, and I am looking forward to documenting it all. So let this be the first of four upcoming sessions for these two (maternity, engagement, newborn, wedding). Eeee!!!

Another thing I'll mention, Sherry is in fact VERY's just that the guys have HUGE hands. (I'm having memories of that photo of Ryan's hand on Kobe's basketball in Orlando lol).


Sherry's cravings consisted of ALL THINGS FRUIT. It was only fitting to get a couple shots of her with her favourites.

Stay tuned for pics of baby Nathan! Three more weeks!

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