loving lately: jbiebz + prints + helloross

Hello friends! I hope you're enjoying hump day!

In case you're bored at work (been there...) and need a few things to fall in love with, here's another installment of loving lately ♥

1. Never Say Never.

By now hopefully you've come to realize that I make no apologies for the things I like, including Twilight, High School Musical, and every single Kardashian.

Justin Beiber's movie is now getting added to that list, because I watched it for the first time this week and I loved. every. second.
New appreciation for our good Canadian Beiber.   

 2. Searching "prints/posters"
A couple weeks ago, I started collecting prints and posters that I really connected with, using the most wonderful tool known to man....Pinterest.

It's my new favourite tool for finding inspiration and quotes that I love :)

This week's fave:

"It's the scary choices that end up being the most worthwhile" -- Melissa Joy Kong

3. Ross Mathews
If you told me I would ENJOY Chelsea Handler going on vacation, I wouldn't believe you. But Miss Chelsea left her show in the perfectly manicured hands of Ross Mathews, comedian extraordinaire.

I now want to watch the Ross Mathews Show...whenever they ever get around to making one!

And, as always, here's a tune I'm loving lately...


An oldie...but a fan-freakin-TASTIC-goodie ♥

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  1. omg Aqua! its been so long, i used to love them!


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