sometimes...I just can't.

Lately I've been caught saying "I can't."

But it's not in a bad "I can't get out of bed" or "I can't think of what no-name movie that actor is from..."

No, it's more like "I can't even handle this right now" or "I can't put this amount of cuteness into a complete sentence" or "I just can't. I just can't."

This probably makes no sense, but to me it's the only way to describe that emotion of taking a photograph that makes me weak at the knees. Knowing that the light and the smiles and the snowy tree branches are at the peak of perfection and that I get to be there to photograph's too much sometimes. I just can't.

Lucky for me, this happened a few times this past week, and I've been left with this feeling of excitement to get home and edit all the pretty things that are waiting for me on my memory card.

Since I obviously can't wait to show's a sneak peek at what's to come :)

Keeping cozy with Kathleen + Alex:

Skating on the canal with Jessica + Steve:

A family straight out of the J Crew catalog:

Making a mess with baby Grayson:


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