happy valentines day ♥

Yeah, yeah, yeah...a romantic post about how much you love your significant other on Valentines Day. REAAAL ORIGINAL.

But, what can I say?

He's pretty great.

In hopes of making this different than any other I-love-my-significant-other-on-Valentines-Day post, I'm gonna keep it simple and stick to listing my nine favourite things about Beans, as well as my nine favourite photos of the two of us.

1. He never makes me touch the kitchen garbage.
2. He lets me control the thermostat.
3. He is my best friend. No matter what we do, we're having a blast.
4. He has a unique face for itching, intense concentration, and hardcore gaming.
5. We do a mean duet of Promiscuous Girl.
6. He sits on my back after I've had a particularly exhausting shoot.
7. He makes it possible for me to follow my passion, and do what I love.
8. He treats me like gold. Not silver...not bronze...gold.
9. He gives me the tip of his Drumstick cone. Enough said.

Happy Valentines Day Beans ♥

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