#70 meet someone who loves taking photos as much as I do

#70: meet someone who loves taking photos as much as I do

Jessica wasn't one to lug her camera around with her to all of her classes. At one point, she admitted she hadn't taken a single photo so far of her trip to Las Vegas...and I'm pretty sure that was DAY THREE!

I was beginning to wonder if she really did LOVE taking photos like I did. But then something magical happened...we got cuted-up (it's the female version of suited up, obv) and went outside the MGM Signature for an amazing photo shoot :)

Jessica was totally in her element and it was so much fun to be behind the camera for her! We bounced around from stool to bench to floor to patio furniture, and had a blast while doing it ♥

Here are some of my faves from my side of the camera:

Jess turned her camera on me for awhile :)

Lol...this last photo is for Beans, because I make this face quite often...

After this sesh, there was no doubt in my mind that she loves taking photos as much as I do.

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