jessica + steve | rideau canal engagement

"He's a classic Chandler." I've heard that before...a couple times actually :)

But Jessica had a plan. And it involved alcohol. Lots and lots of alcohol.

"I figure if he's been drinking, he'll be better in the photos." And so, we summoned the waitress at the Heart and Crown, and I got to hear all about how these two met, as coworkers, went to a pub in Ireland, as friends, and started their story love story shortly after.

Oh yeah, and here's the funny part. While I oggled Jessica's shiny ring, she spotted mine and started asking me where I planned on getting married. The conversations went something like this:

"Oh, me? I'm getting married in the Dominican Republic."
"Really? Us too!"
"Oh crazy, wherabouts?"
"Punta Cana, you?"
"Punta Cana. Okay...what resort?"
"The Majestic Colonial!"
" way."
"....yes way!"
"Us too!"
"Under the big white gazebo?"
"And who did you pick for your photographer?"
"Julia Eskin."
"...Okay...we have the same wedding."

So with all of that wedding bonding out of the way, we arrived at the picture taking part of the shoot ♥

So, a few minutes later we decided we should probably start our trek to the Rideau Canal for some half-drunk skating. Needless to say...Steve chugged his Guinness.

And then proceeded to chug Jessica's Magner's. You be gentlemanly of course.

So cute :)

Have the BEST time at the wedding you two ♥ can't wait to hear all about it! :)

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  1. Both of you were so sweet. Just show love each day and cherish each moments much. God bless!


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