shots! shots! shots!

No, I'm not reliving my Saturday night at the club. Largely because I'm that kind of 21-year-old who cuddles up with a blanket and a movie on a Saturday night. 
Instead, it's Monday morning, and I am already feeling like I could use another weekend. That's what 3 weekend photo shoots does to a girl. But I love it so much that I would have squeezed another 3 in there if my sanity allowed me to.

I'm very excited to be posting photos from these three shoots over the next few days. Here's a little look at what's in store:

My Friday night engagement session with Jess & Chris...

A backyard fall family photo shoot with the Nichol family...

Playtime at the Kanata Recreation Center park with the Canney family...

Lots & lots of photos to come this week :)


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