unplugged in orlando

I'm almost always touching my phone, and if I'm not, you can bet it's at arm's length. I can find out the time, the weather, play you a song, check my email, and find the closest Starbucks in a matter of 10 seconds. But not this week...

This week I couldn't care less where my phone was. I'm almost positive it was completely dead for 90% of the trip, and it felt great.

It started with a drive to Syracuse and a flight to Orlando...

Don't let these first photos fool you, when we arrived it was POURING...but the sun came out the next day and Ryan and I took a walk around the resort.

Ivy spent many afternoons in the pool :)

Cocktails by the pool, obv.

And Ryan studying...another obv!

There are not enough words for this photo, I just LOVE it.

Back at the room, we played euchre, wizard, and many many games of war (with our own rules).

Oh, and Ivy ate a lime. Like a boss.

As usual we took a drive to Downtown Disney one night...and Ryan turned into a kid again :)

We also stopped by Universal City Walk for an afternoon complete with lunch at Margaritaville, a Hurren family must.

There really is no story behind this...

Two things. One...Ryan's hand is large. Two...that face below is simply magical.

And no family vacation would be complete without a little photoshoot at the end...!

And now we're home, to the rainy, drizzly, cold city we call Ottawa. Why, oh why, do we live here again?

Oh right...so that we appreciate our vacations that much more.


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