danielle + adam | beau's oktoberfest engagement

Oktoberfest. I understood the concept, but I had never set foot past the gate.

Danielle & Adam recommended Beau's Oktoberfest for the location of their engagement shoot, and I was all over it. Driving down the 417 (with my music and my out-of-control-loud singing voice) I realized I wasn't in Kansas anymore. In fact, I was in Kansas' hick cousin, Vanleek Hill.

Seriously, this town could have been the set of Footloose. People were friendly, but they also looked at me like I didn't belong there. In the nicest way possible, of course. While saying things like howdy and ya'll.

It was very easy to find the fairgrounds, it seemed to be the most happening party Vanleek had seen all year. When I pulled into the parking lot, a man signalled for me to roll down my window.

"Careful on the grass, it rained earlier today, and you don't want to slip. Have a nice day now!"

I pulled away with a smile, in a great mood to meet Danielle and Adam.


The rain held up for us, and it made for a gorgeous photo shoot at dusk.

"Spouse carrying competition time!"

Yeah...we were all over that.

Neon orange Oktoberfest bracelets: the perfect fall accessories, ladies.


I only got the hats on them for one shot, but I loved it.

Stay tuned for this January wedding! Congratulations Danielle & Adam ♥

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