our wedding invitations

Wedding prep is kinda fun, I'll admit. I snapped a few pics of the wedding invite process, but wanted to keep this a secret until all my wonderful guests got them in the mail!

Well, hopefully everyone has checked them out at this point!

Remember I said I had three lovely friends to help me out? Seriously couldn't have done it without them.

Shannon is a godsend, walking up and down the aisles of various paper stores, helping me make good decisions about where to spend and where to save. Thanks to her I came home with bags FULL of paper, ready to start making things happen.

There was cutting, there was folding, there was stamping and licking and stickering.

The beautiful designs are courtesy of the lovely Laura Warecki at Paper Taxi. There aren't enough words in the English language to describe my gratitude to her for busting this out in 2 days.

The ever beautiful Caroline came over to help me out with the invite-stuffing-production-line. We rocked it out (with Jersey Shore in the background, obv.)

The finished product is something I am so happy with, something I seriously couldn't wait to show Ryan. I can't believe these are going to get mailed out tonight..! Eeee!


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