pb: a new measure of time

I love being in the car with Ryan, whether we're listening Chromeo, Biggie, Timba, or even some Sophie B. Hawkins (you know 'As I Lay Me Down' has a killer beat...).

But sometimes, if it's a slow song or a particularly long traffic-filled drive in to work, I'll turn to him and ask a bizarre question or two. 

"How do you see time?"

He looked at me with squinty eyes, meaning, "what?"

"Like...if you were to think of years, in your head,
or a block of time between weeks and months...
what would it look like?"

He told me that time looked like one long horizontal stick, almost like a ruler. He also told me he rarely thinks about it. I sat and thought about what time looked like in my head, so that when he asked, I had an answer for him.

I decided that in my head, time looks like a series of vertical sticks, and when it gets to the bottom (December 31st), it overflows upwards into the new year (the top of the next one). In case you care, I made a little diagram. And then decided that no one would care, so I got rid of said diagram.

So that's the skinny on how R-Kelly & Mrs. R-Kelly-to-be see time. That is, until the morning we stood in the kitchen and realized that we finished the very first jar of peanut butter we bought since moving in.

It still seems like just yesterday we were unloading the truck with a group of friends and family, sitting down in the bare living room, BBQing burgers and eating them on paper plates.

So for a moment that morning, we saw time passing by way of an empty peanut butter jar, and now we know precisely how long it takes the two of us to make our way to the bottom, and start at the top of the new one.



  1. Interesting view. Made me smile!

  2. Thanks anonymous commenter! I will imagine that you are a bartender from Cancun on your lunch break, since I'll never know your true identity.


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