the vacation excuses

It's Friday afternoon, after a long week of checklists. Check this, check that, check EVERYTHING off the list - that's what it has all been about.

When I was a kid, going on vacation meant being able to give excuses. "Oh, sorry, I didn't realize I wasn't here Monday to hand in that paper, I'm sure we can figure something out though!" or, "Sorry! Won't be able to do that thing you wanted me to do after all because, well...I'm going on vacation!"

But now that life has thrown some big things in my direction, there are no excuses. Going on vacation now means getting everything I normally do in 2 weeks, done in 1.

The office job (made significantly less boring due to the lovely company of Shannon, and our frequent gab-sessions), and the fabulous (& ever challenging) job of running a company, already make for a busy Laura. Thank goodness Ryan cooks me dinner, drives me around, and empties the dishwasher, really. But this week in particular, added a new layer to the mix...

The wedding of Laura & Ryan...

It's going to be a glorious affair, taking place on the sands of the Dominican Republic, in November 2012. Long way away, right? Well, true, but we were able to find a steal-of-a-deal thanks to a very dilligent travel agent, and suddenly there was an expiration date in place.

I found out that in order to get this amazing deal, we had to have everyone deposit by December 20th. Sooooo that got me moving, and in 3 loong (very, very long) days, I made it happen, with the help of 3 great friends.

More on this later... :)

I can't wait to be on that plane tomorrow...!


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