It's getting out of hand.

Picture a big chunky, spiral bound notebook, with something along the lines of: "this book will be used to capture my thoughts, notes, shopping lists, and anything else" written in the inside cover (oh c'mon, you know you wrote stuff like that inside your notebooks too!).

Now picture what every book like this ends up being: a series of half-started pages, unfinished lists, phone numbers with no names, and completely scribbled nonsense.

That is what my blog account is starting to look like. I have so many posts I'm working on, waiting for the perfect picture to pull it together, waiting for the day when that particular story will become relevant, or waiting for the year to end in order to complete my review of it. I just went through and deleted maybe 5 or 6 posts that had no title, no tags, and had maybe one or two sentences that were almost completely meaningless to me.

But in some way, I'm comforted by it. I know that each one of my half-finished pages will one day get posted, and hopefully one day I'll be glad I kept it all. As a photographer, I don't really take a lot of photos of myself (try to pull the camera out of my hands, just try...), so this is probably as close as I get to a self portrait.

Hmm...this post doesn't have a photo yet...maybe I should just save it now and post it later.

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