the right to my left

He was the guy with the locker outside my Biology class. A friend of a friend, someone I hugged sometimes in the hallways at MHS. We wrote nice things in each other's yearbooks. We invited each other to our birthday parties. But five years ago today, I told him I liked him.

It was as simple as that; three little words. 

If you had told me back then, how it all worked out...I wouldn't have believed you. How could I have ever known that those words would be the most important ones I'd ever say, apart from "yes" and "I do."

He's the mathematical equation to my well written sentence.

He's everything I need, even when I don't know I need it.

He's composed when I'm in pieces.

He's my other half, and on this day I can't imagine myself without him, or him without me.

He's the right to my left, and I can't wait for the next five years. ♥

Happy anniversary, Beans.

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