loving lately: sbux + know by heart

The Starbucks Caramel Apple Spice, to DIE for. Okay, no dying, but seriously...go out and spend this 4 dollars like your life depends on it because it just so freakin' delicious!

If the entire Fall season could melt down into one perfectly branded paper cup...this would be it.

BUT, now that I'm on the 13-months-to-the-wedding-diet, I'm foregoing the Caramel Apple Spice for a fabulous freshly discovered herbal tea: Apple Cranberry Zinger.

Worth the 0 calories and the 5 dollar box.

Know By Heart. Because I simply just adored my time with them at Melanie & Michel's wedding in September. This was one of my first experiences working with a videographer for the whole day, and I was seriously so impressed with the level professionalism and the easy-going attitude. I would seriously recommend Know By Heart as an add-on to your wedding plans :)

And, as always, a little tune I'm loving lately:

Wish You Here by Avril Lavigne
(I promise it's not as emo as the thumbnail implies!)


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