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PART SEVEN: Bloopers / PART EIGHT: Engagement Photos

I'm beyond excited to dive into the GORGEOUSNESS of 2019 with you today! 

There were so many emotional moments, so many beautiful details, and a truly incredible number of happy celebrations that made the year one of my best yet.

With the publishing of this post, the year in review series comes to a close. It's bitter and sweet and I'm ready. My first wedding of 2020 is just around the corner, but I wouldn't be ready to open up my heart to a new year without the proper recognition of the couples who began the next chapter of their love story in 2019. 

This is a big post, friends. It deserves coffee, focus, and a slow but steady scroll. Let's dig in!!

Seriously though, the only reason I could sleep at night was knowing that there were 8 other posts to spread out the incredible shots, like the one where I shared all of the unique details!

Daina and Corey's wedding at Stonefields -- a true fave!!

Not a chance this post would be complete without the leg shot of the girls with their mini champy bottles...

And don't even get me started on Julie and Brian's wedding at Strathmere!! This is one of my most liked and commented photos that I've EVER shared on insta -- I blame the gorgeous faces and the dreamy colour of these bridesmaids dresses....

Something about the guys in black and white, it just looks so timeless.

Who could forget this gorgeous tented reception by Kennedy Events for Katelin and Sean?

Or the church exit for Katt and Matt?! MY HEART in this moment! Those clapping hands! The lack of cell phones... (I may or may not have kindly hollered to the guests to put their phones away for this part, so worth it!)

A recent but forever favourite from my time in Old Vegas with Grace and Justin:

Lin and Dashan had one of the most unique celebrations of the whole season, starting with some photos downtown and ending up at Le Belvedere after a totally mind-blowing transformation by the team at The Design Co

Obsessed with Sarah's winter bridal stye here!

And this classic 50's glamour look for the stunning Grace, who is just as gorgeous on the inside:

Am I allowed to give out an award for the most sparkle in a single frame?

Awww! Shannon and Nick! This one is too good, you need to revisit it to admire how gorgeous this Le Belvedere wedding was...!

Oh and speaking of transformations -- look at the Horticulture Building all done up for Veronica and Michael by The Design Co.!

I just finished the design for Brittany and Michael's wedding album, and I am SO happy they chose to include this stunning wedding party shot. Need a refresher on their incredible wedding celebration at The NAC by Gloss Events?

My beautiful Cassie and her husband (finally!) Jason -- I'm obsessed with this shot and this day and every single detail that brought it together.

Our city is absolutely stunning...

And so are Christine and Jay:

Still not over the subtle magic of the dress in the window in this shot of Julia and her girls...

One of the last shots of this evening with Lauren & Seumas, on the golf course at sunset:

A head table by the fireplace for Rachel and David...

And sparklers before the first dance for Nicole & Enea! This summer wedding at Le Belvedere is an absolute masterpiece.

Could cry on command with this photo.

The smokey black glassware was featured in an earlier year in review post, but I just love this shot from the tables at Veronica and Michael's wedding:

First dance kiss featuring cheers from the head table!

The pop of black shoe, Jason carrying the train, the lights at the top... I loved this shot from the moment I saw it.

If there was one overarching wedding trend I saw this year, it was the addition of dark, rich tones like plum, navy, or black as seen here:

Stonefields in Carleton Place -- a photographer's paradise. 

Loving these wintery bouquets! I would have included them in the gorgeous collection of florals from 2019, but this New Years Eve wedding hadn't happened by then!

Look at Lauren and Mike, the absolute sweetest pair who closed out my year on the highest possible note.

Can we get more confetti in 2020, please? Not asking for a friend. It's for me. Because I'm in love.

This photo could never grow old...

I still think about Kate and Cam's wedding and remember it as one of my favourites from ALL my years as a wedding photographer. The candidness of their joy, the meaningful details and the air of romance. I wish you could have been there to see it and experience it. 

To think this blog post only captures HALF of the magic of the day...

I love that 2019 brought me to so many unique places. From this Sperry Tent on a private residence:

To a new view of our beautiful and architectural city:

To the water (with bubbly!)...

To the countryside...

Or to the edge of a cliff.

I loved every second!

And treasure every moment we captured together.

But if it sounds like I'm wrapping up this post, you'd be wrong.

Because we're only halfway, baby.

Something about this photo is as perfect to me as Keira Knightly is to that one actor from Love Actually that no one actually knows.

Right after the first look, I will never forget how happy Jason was here!

Okay, so while we continue to swoon over every killer photo from last year, let's also talk about what makes a great wedding photographer. 

I have your attention, so let's make the most of it.

To me, a great wedding photographer can consistently create photos that convey feeling.

Still, the moment will ALWAYS be better than the photo, but that's the beauty of it. When you see it, you're taken right back to that second that otherwise could have been fleeting.

When you see it, you know it's right.

A great photographer isn't trying to mask the experience with a pretty photo. Quite the opposite. They start with creating a moment that BEGS being remembered...

And each single photo comes together in a collection that tells a story.

A great photographer can capture details in a way that fit in with the rest of the experience...

They can fill in the gaps for someone who couldn't be there to see it unfold... 

A great photographer never needs a re-do. They anticipated the moment because they helped to create it...

I can't even put into words how it feels to be trusted by people like Julie and Brian.

Kate and Cam.

Nicole and Enea.

Cassie & Jason.

Shannon and Nick.

Julia and Matt.

And all of the other couples who entered my life in 2019.

I loved it all.

And I treasure this collection!

Thank you ALL for joining me on this final post in the 2019 year in review series! For all the surprises along the way:

All the smiles that warmed up my screen:

All the sweetness that made this year the absolute best:

The first glances...

The families that were met along the way...

The moments that made us tear up...

The quiet moments that came before...

And the people who brought all of these photos to LIFE. I love you all!! Thank you for another incredible wedding season, and for enabling me to do what I love and have SO. MUCH. FREAKING. FUN while I do it. 

To all the couples who were married in 2019 -- congratulations! From the bottom of my heart. 

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