behind the scenes of the 2019 wedding season

PART ONE: Florals / PART TWO: Dresses and Veils
PART THREE: Lifestyle / PART FOUR: Unique Details

I probably say this every time... but the behind the scenes post is one of my favourite instalments in the year in review series! I had so much fun looking back on all of the gorgeous galleries from 2019 to find hints of the team, the crew, the people behind the curtain who help to pull off your wildest dreams. 

You've seen the polished versions, but here's a zoomed out look at what was happening in the background before or after some of your favourite shots! 

And special thanks to Wade Muir and Sarah Rowland for the behind the scenes shots of me! 

There's an art to a good hair tuck moment, right girls?

Working with videographers is honestly so much fun. They inspire new angles that I never would have imagined!

Coolest vintage film camera? I cannot wait to see this masterpiece!

Sticking up a hook for an epic dress shot -- this wedding hasn't even been released yet, so stay tuned!

It takes many hands to make this magic happen...

I love love love this moment right after Katelin walked down the aisle. Shannon really pulled it out for this wedding and we needed to capture a shot of her with her beautiful bride!

The best!

A quick shot of the Le Belvedere team snapping into action with blankets and umbrellas just a few moments before the outdoor ceremony:

Short videographer problems:

This next one might not look like a BTS shot, but what's that in the bottom right corner? Ha! Just a video drone, preparing for this epic footage...

The calm before the storm; bridesmaids arriving in a few minutes!

So just *how* does the team at Le Belvedere prep for a sparkler exit? BLOWTORCHES. No joke. 

Obsessed with this Brittany's reaction after seeing her reception setup!

In my element shooting the littlest details :)

Who me?

Another reception reveal! Love!!

It's always easier if I just demonstrate... 

What a gorgeous year! I'm so grateful for all of the talent who made this year possible. I can't wait to start collecting behind the scene shots for 2020 -- my goal is to make it the best year yet! xo

COMING UP: Bloopers from 2019 -- you do not want to miss it...! 

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