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Here we are in PART FIVE! We're halfway through the year in review series! If you're thinking to yourself, "what haven't we covered yet...?" then surely you've been forgetting some key pieces of content here, starting with this collection of gorgeous branding photography for my fellow small business owners!

Branding and social photography is a combination of lifestyle headshots, product shots, studio tours, and stock photography that can be used to promote a business or personal brand.

Let's start with a collection of my favourite headshots from the year! First up, the lovely Joelle:  

Meghan had a totally unique branding and social shoot, with workshop style shots to promote her work as a yoga instructor, as well as lifestyle corporate headshots:

This shoot with Thrive has been a looooong time coming. More on that below! 

I've been working with Wren for years now, creating sets of social-ready photos to help her personal brand to thrive:

I looove this headshot session for my friend Daniela, a local author and blogger.

You just saw this post last week, but she's back! Melissa's session in her holiday-themed home was just too perfect...

Regardless of the crew, my job is to show off the things that make someone's business unique. Typically that includes a novel location, carefully chosen details, or a telling theme.

Your customers LOVE to know who they are supporting with their purchase of both a product and a service, especially when you're local! Show off your studio and your team to really enhance that personal connection. 

One thing that has REALLY helped me to be able to create content over the years (both to build trust and to educate my clients) is to have a vast number of assets at my fingertips. 

Need to send an email to your mailing list? Having a great collection of photos makes that SO. MUCH. EASIER. Need to share the news of a current promotion or special? You've got the perfect shot that shows you're a professional who CARES about the little details. 

I had the pleasure of working with my friend and industry partner, Shannon, to capture her 2019 holiday collection of One Fine Beauty products!

So happy with this shot and the neutral but oh-so-christmassy sparkle in the background!

For Joelle, a spray tan artist with a home studio, this branding session helped her to grow her personal brand and attract more of her ideal clients. 

It's one of my favourite branding sessions ever, go take a peek to read a few tips about preparing for one like this!


Okay, so it's time to shine a little light on one of the most exciting projects of 2019 for me... I worked alongside Sarah and Jamie to document the entire journey of them building Where I Thrive | Classes + Cafe

It was an emotional year leaving The Dailey Method and becoming Thrive. It was exhausting and featured many ups and downs that had us all crossing fingers and toes that it would come together as perfectly as Sarah and Jamie had been dreaming about. 

I will never forget this first of five progress shoots, where they stood in the empty building of what used to be the Glebe Car Wash, excited and slightly terrified of what was ahead. 

These shots helped Sarah and Jamie keep their members informed about the progress as Thrive was being built. Every step was documented, from the old garage door that would soon be ripped out...

To the scavenger hunt they organized for their members to find the new location in the Glebe! 

(Shameless use of a photo of my two children partaking in the scavenger hunt...)

Blue fence and all, we were already psyched. 

Phase two: flooring, framing, and cute hard hats...

I love this.

A new garage door! Also the first sighting of the new Thrive branding on their sweaters...!

A forever favourite moment. I think this is when it finally started feeling real! 

Furniture, cafe supplies, plants in the corner -- time for a party. 

I love this shot from the Core Members Gratitude Event where Sarah and Jamie welcomed members into the 200 and 500 classes club (your girl hit 500 this year!) and toasted to the new space. 

Jamie made a speech that I will never forget. He said that all of it, every beam, every post, every tile, every baseboard... all of it was just empty walls until we showed up and filled it with life. 

If you're not a member of the Thrive community, it would be hard to describe the relationships that are formed here. Hopefully it shows in these next few photos... 

Three full rows of bikes for the new cycle studio!

Such an exciting day when coffee was being served for the first time EVER:

It feels like such a happy ending, and yet this is just the beginning. Stay tuned for lots more from this team in 2020. I feel so lucky to be their official photographer for LIFE. 

Speaking of classes and communities, I had the chance to join my past wedding clients, Kelsey and Ian, who opened Orange Theory Fort York in Toronto! 

I happily spent 10 hours making the round trip to document their studio and staff! Take a peek at what we created:

It was so freaking shiny and new...! 

It has been really cool seeing Kelsey and Ian make use of this collection of photos to build some serious engagement on their social media. Professional shots, my friends -- they go a long way! 

My last stop on this roundup of branding and social sessions: a shoot with the team at Revelle Bridal:

Starting with the staff:

And a gorgeous tour of the salon:

To all of the clients who hired me for lifestyle headshots and branding sessions, my heart is so thankful! You make it so much fun at every step and I am thrilled to play a small part in the growth of your businesses year after year. 

To become one of my branding clients for 2020, contact me here

And COMING UP NEXT: The Pets and Kids of 2019!

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