the photos that (almost) didn't make the cut in 2019

PART ONE: Florals / PART TWO: Dresses and Veils
PART THREE: Lifestyle / PART FOUR: Unique Details

Every year I wonder, will there be enough material to put together a post about the shots that almost didn't make the cut? But then you guys go ahead and make it easy by sharing your real, unedited personalities to me on the camera, and I end up having to cut the post in half because of how long it's getting...

So this one's for you. It's an ode to the not-so-perfect, not-so-poised, not-so-pretty moments that are ABSOLUTELY worth honouring. I give you: the photos that (almost) didn't make the cut.

The first category: drinking is hard.

"One moment please! There's more wine in this cup but I will be with you very shortly."

I want Steph's energy in this photo:

Please, no one calculate the dollar value of the Dom Perignon we just spilled...

One of those was for me. No regrets.

This is a whole new approach to drinking buddies and I'm here for it.

Next category: your face says it all.

Looks like Mike doesn't belong in this category, but wait for it...

Theeere it is. Please hold this sopping wet train and act like it's cute and romantic!

Fave. Hope this makes the album.

Not sure what he did but I have questions.

Maybe it was this guy who did it -- I dunno, same party so quite possibly...

I think my cue for this was "be cute and cozy." What I received was much better.

99% sure a Meatloaf song was playing for this moment.

Balcony glamour shots -- more of this in 2020.

Wrapping your photos and heading into cocktail hour like:

Next category: children are a blessing.

First up: the sweetest baby Logan who rudely turns towards her dad in every photo...

Lol, I love them so much.

Thank goodness Cass wrangles children for a living...

"We tried."

Think we can sync up happy faces with twins who'd rather be doing ANYTHING other than family photos? Wish us luck.

Again, "we tried."

Next category: mother nature, you total b.

I actually love this shot, but it's true that mother nature was being a b for Melisa's hair on this pier.

Okay, in this instance it's more like "gravity being a total b," but here's what happened when Lauren and Seumas asked all their friends to come to the front of the boat for a group selfie...

Seumas casually watching the water level rise beside him like, "this is fine."

It was not fine. 

Water FLOODED the boat and we all got soaked and it was incredible and one of my favourite wedding party moments of the whole entire year.

Next category: what are you wearing?

In Lin's case, a dress that I can 100% confirm is too floofy for a revolving door.

The ladies of Bethlehem making their trek from the Lodge to the Inn:

Your guess is as good as mine here:

Next category: party people. Starting with this groomsman who made it his personal mission to take a selfie with EVERY. SINGLE. GUEST. Slow clap for the effort and the dedication.

Milliseconds before catastrophe.

Did you just squish a bug with your bare hands and ask that this photo be included in your best friend's collection? No prob.

Speaking of bugs, this ladybug was the third member of Katelin and Sean's first look:

Next category: all eyes on me in the centre of the ring just like a circus. (Sing it, or you failed.)

When you're the first one ready and you want to send a message:

"Walk casually." Or pull your parents at full strength, your choice.

Umm, pretty sure that's not your bed.

Now friends, it's time to wipe your tears (or your transferred lipstick), because the bloopers post is coming to an end. 

Find a friend who can support you in this difficult time, and just know that I'll be back with this same post at the end of 2020 and it will surely be just as ridiculous.

I hope you enjoyed it as much as Lauren's Dad enjoyed whatever was happening behind me...

I'll be back for the final two posts in the series as soon as possible: the most incredible engagement sessions and weddings of the year! You've come so far, don't miss it!

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