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PART ONE: Florals / PART TWO: Dresses and Veils
PART THREE: Lifestyle / PART FOUR: Unique Details

PART SEVEN: Bloopers

Quick question: how did I get so lucky to work with all of these incredible couples?! I've been asking myself that for a few weeks straight as I prepared all of these year in review series posts for you, and especially after seeing the engagements lined up and in one place -- I'm overwhelmed with gratitude!

On today's post we'll be touring our way through Ottawa over all four seasons, picking up the very best of the best shots for you to use as inspiration going forward! Let's start with a sunny summer angle of the Chateau Laurier with Christine and Jason:

My couples found some really incredible ways to show up in their unique styles, which makes my job of documenting it so much easier!

We strolled the streets and found moments to laugh together the whole time...

And got really close to the details to capture every bit of sparkle:

Some couples celebrated both an engagement and a wedding in the same year, while others are making us wait for the big day in 2020, like my friends Shay and Cam!  

Who, by the way, had the CUTEST in home engagement session featuring champagne on the back patio. Amazing. 

Some sessions found us in the woods...

Others on the ice...

Or in the place they met and fell in love...

By the water...

On a pier...

Or in the city! Truth is, it doesn't matter where these photos happen -- we can make magic happen anywhere because my photos are all about YOU as a couple! 

Regardless of the location, the weather, the background -- the one thing that remained the same throughout the year was my passion for photographing couples in a way that's relaxed, non-awkward, and non-cheesy.  

So as you continue to scroll through my favourite shots from 2019 engagements, I hope that sentiment comes through! I hope you feel the love and the good times that are woven into each and every photo.

This looks like an ad for a cute rooftop restaurant, but it's actually Julia and Shavin's backyard! Obsessed!

One of my faaaaavourites:

Playing with some striking black and white architecture in this one! By the way, that's Lauren and Mike who you just saw after their New Years Eve wedding!

I love getting to work in all four seasons of the year! These wintery shots are giving me life:

Buuuuuut, the summer will always have my heart...

Moment of appreciation for the wind in Julia's dress:

And in Dinuka's hair:

SO STOKED for Lo and Liam's big day in 2020!

I love this shot of Rhiannon and Ryan! It's definitely one of the 2020 weddings I'm looking forward to most, especially since I'll get to see a few of my fave past brides in the bridal party!

Pretty sure this smile will be on my website always.

This shot is cute, but did you see Grace and Justin at their wedding in VEGAS?!

Cool couple, cool ring, and it's gonna be the FIRST wedding of the new year, stay insanely tuned for this one!

Such a fan of all the little details that go into this collection of favourites. I've honestly never enjoyed putting something together more.

To my incredible couples who are featured here, you know who you are, I am so thankful for you. You make it possible for me to live out my passion by showing up so fully in front of my camera!

And to those of you who are still waiting for their big day -- just wanted to send my love and let you know that it can be as magical as you're dreaming about. It would be my absolute pleasure to play a role in documenting your love story, and I hope to hear from you soon

Next up: drumrolllllll please! It's the post we've all been
waiting for: the BEST of the BEST of 2019 weddings! 

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