julie + brian | a dreamy summer wedding at strathmere lodge

One by one, Julie and Brian's friends and family hit the podium and made some sort of sweet and cheeky comment about Brian's general indecisiveness. There was reference to a time when he would agonize about some sort of purchase, carefully weighing all of his options (and then comparing the weight of all said options...), only to delay the decision further. 

But there was one common thread that wove all of these little stories together; one truth that presented itself in each loving testimony to the new bride and groom: that Brian never struggled, not even for a moment, with the decision to spend the rest of his life with Julie.

Julie is one of the most generous, warm, and caring people I've ever had the pleasure of meeting. She was my right hand girl back in 2017 on the day that her sister Jessica was married. We connected instantly and it became easy to see why Julie is so loved. 

I'm about to share a collection of stunning images from a day I will never forget, and there are countless times where you'll be able to see the love and admiration on both of their faces. You'll see Julie beaming with pride and soaking up every single moment, and you'll see Brian admiring the woman he gets to spend his forever with. Join me for the wedding of Julie and Brian on August 3rd, 2019!

Julie's first glance at the bouquet that her mom made for her -- what a way to kick off the day. 

There's Jess in the background! We have a photo just like this one where the sisters traded places...

An emotional first look -- now time to explore the grounds of Strathmere!

Cannot get enough of this stunning bouquet by Langdon's Flowers.

Forever a favourite, and naturally the first sneak peek that went out before midnight:

Just a couple of Laura Kelly Brides! xo

This group was just the best. I left that day with so many new friends and I'm forever thankful. 

Back at the ceremony site...

The guests gathered with drinks in hand to watch Julie and Brian walk down the aisle!

He loves her so much and this is the only photo you need to prove it.

Here's a wayback playback of Jess and George -- so much has changed and they're parents now! This shot of both couples makes me so happy. 

A grandparent's legacy:

Umm, not sure what's happening here but for some reason it's a personal fave.

The reception was held in the Strathmere Lodge, all decked out with white florals, simple greenery, and candlelight...

And a homemade cake and cupcakes!

Literally this post is incomplete if I don't feature the most hilarious MC I've ever, ever, ever heard. The groom was crying, the guests were losing it -- I want to relive this night and seriously wish I had a memory for jokes. Because there were many. 

Almost forgot the sweetest part: Julie and Brian cued up the song that played at their Grandparents' wedding 60 years ago, and the next 3 minutes were emotional to say the least.

One of my favourite things about Strathmere is the long sunset in the back field. We surely made the most of it..!

The best!!

When the sun went down, the guests headed out back for Julie and Brian's first dance as husband and wife.

Jules & Bri -- I have no words. We said them all on August 3rd when we enjoyed the heck out of your wedding day with the BEST people. I wish that everyone could have a couple like you in their lives. I will never be able to thank you enough for trusting me to document every moment of magic. Your faith in me was so overwhelming and I hope this peek into your full collection did you proud. All my love and let's get that drink with the girls soon! xo


Hair: Showpony
Makeup: Anusha
Bridesmaids Dresses: Sorella Vita
Menswear: Hugo Boss
Engagement Ring: Howard
Wedding Cake: Christina Boileau (friend of Julie and Brian!)

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