most unique wedding details of 2019

PART ONE: Florals / PART TWO: Dresses and Veils / PART THREE: Lifestyle

Every year gets squared away like its own little time capsule of what was cool, what was trendy, and what will remain as completely timeless for years to come. 

And if you thought my clients had styled based on PART TWO of the series, you'll love the unique details they chose to include as part of their 2019 weddings. Let's kick off with the beautiful sight of post-ceremony signature cocktails! 

Regardless of what you choose to serve between the ceremony and the reception, it will be something your guests remember -- so make it count! 

Speaking of sweets, the weddings of 2019 were a sea of indulgence -- like these oversized SuzyQ donuts from Leanne and Mahmoud's elopement: 

Shannon and Nick also found a way to get their favourite donuts into their guests hands, this time from a super beautiful feature wall:

And this show-stopping cake display from Lin & Dashan's wedding at Le Belvedere by The Design Co. with cake by The Girl With The Most Cake

Look at this little mini!!

The combination of cakes and real florals was a massive theme this year...

Like Julia and Matt's three-tiered beauty by Valentina's Sweets:

2019 featured some really unique cakes that need a second look, like this gold geometric masterpiece, also by The Girl With The Most Cake:

And this one for Christine and Jason by Cake Whisperer, complete with more frills than a girl could dream of!

Laura and Patrick had a cake entirely made from cheese:

Cake Whisperer also had her hands on this gorgeous piece for Brittany & Mike's wedding at the NAC with Gloss Events and Pollen Nation Floral Studio:

And who could forget this cookie table at Daina and Corey's wedding! Daina is a baker so naturally the guests knew to bring their sweet tooth!

So we've covered sweets, let's move on to the most unique details in DRINKING! Starting with these personalized mugs for Amber and her girls: 

And what a time be alive when Hilary opted for mini champagne bottles for all of the girls instead of the traditional big bottle:

Julia and Matt even found a way to elegantly display their champagne at cocktail hour! 

Quick pause to appreciate this classy group enjoying some Dom... 

Every detail was carefully chosen this year, right down to the water glasses. I can always trust Stacey and her team from The Design Co. to elevate a table setting!

And in case the light pink wasn't your taste, try on this ombré black stemware for size:

Opportunity for a slick transition to our next category, I'm going for it:

Bottles weren't just for DRINKING this year -- check out this cute message in a bottle detail that popped up at Katelin & Sean's cocktail hour!

There are so many ways to celebrate future anniversaries, like Cassandra and Jason's choice to fill a wine box with never before seen cards for each other:

I was in love with this rustic little card box detail at Daina & Corey's wedding at Stonefields!

Whether it be in food, drink, florals, or details, my clients have impeccable taste.  

Every little detail was chosen with much intention...

Down to a unique setting on a ring:

Or a beautiful place to keep your wedding bands: 

My girls are the true heros of this details round-up.

They danced the night away in lacy pumps:

And stayed comfy in style:

Incorporating details from generations past...

And pairing them with modern touches...

In 2019 we celebrated every detail, from a typographic date stamp:

To a custom wax seal...

And it wasn't just the girls who found a way to add style:

Like this dramatic black band for Matt:

Or this detailed and studded band for Jason:

Or an heirloom cuff for Michael:

Text played a huge roll in this year's style. I was so impressed by the gorgeous signage that graced each celebration, like this wooden unplugged announcement:

Or this board that sat at the bar, informing guests of the shuttle options:

From large pieces like Cassandra & Jason's mirrored seating chat:

To small ones like Daina's stamped detail on the cookie bags:

Written word has never looked so good.

Moving now to our last category for this post, a collection of tiny details -- sparkly details -- the little things that draw you in...

So as we come to a close on this collection of unique details from 2019, let me just take a moment to honour each and every couple who I had the opportunity to work with. 

I couldn't possibly feature EVERY detail that popped up in over 20,000 shots from the year -- but I did my best to populate a wide range of cool ideas that might help other couples plan for the years to come!

I think the thread that ties all of these photos together, is that the beautiful details (big, small, edible, not edible), were chosen with care. They worked because they felt at home in each celebration. 

What makes it an incredible detail is the person who wears it, the one who carries it, the people that gather around it. 

So my advice to you as you plan your future wedding, is to take inspiration from the things you see, but to choose your details based solely on what makes you feel like home. 

This was SO much fun to put together and I hope you enjoyed this little inspo-trip down memory lane! To learn more about wedding photography packages, visit my FAQ website!

COMING UP NEXT: The Brands and Faces of 2019!

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