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There was a moment of quiet when our team walked through the doors of this all-white studio in Montreal, Quebec. We all knew that magic was about to be made. The chit-chat started, the stereo tuned to Justin Bieber, and we figuratively cracked our knuckles, ready to dig in.

In honour of our feature on Ruffled earlier this week, I am positively delighted to share my favourite photos from the shoot that still gives me butterflies. The editor at Ruffled called it minimalist + monochrome european wedding inspiration, and we couldn't agree with that title more. 

The invitation suite was so critical to this entire project, because it would be tied into every other detail. Christine from LaFabere created all of the paper goods you'll see in this post. 

The beautiful Savanah! This girl cannot take a bad photo and I am so thankful for her dedication to our team <3

And the handsome Kyle, a gent who offered to carry bags, fetch water, and move tables. Just a delight to work with and I hope to photograph him again! 

This was one of the first sneak peeks I released. Something about it felt so soft and romantic. I am so incredibly indebted to Elise from TOAST Events for including me in her dream team. Being around her makes me feel inspired and fired up. 

And when the outcome is something we are both thrilled about...I mean, that's the best kind of work day there is.  

This dreamy ceremony setup wouldn't be complete without an exchange of rings and a few impromptu vows. 

A tiny shout out for my girl Stephanie, who I met back in 2012 when she hired me to photograph her wedding in the Dominican Republic. She created this piece especially for our shoot and it's safe to say it blew us all away.

There's my love, Christine! She painted some of the scenes from our shoot, tying in details that were previously handpainted for the invitations. She also has an amazing blog that you simply must check out. 

Minimalist. Monochrome. Perfection. 

Over on the other side of the studio, this reception setup made my dreams come true. The white-washed table, the candles lining the centrepiece, and the clean, blank walls. 

Melissa from Makin'It Lovely helped tie in some stunning decor details and styled the shoot alongside Elise. The clear bases for the place settings? AMAZING.  

Sometimes I shoot for editorial, sometimes I shoot for me. This is a Laura Kelly shot right here:

I will always risk my brows catching fire to take a shot like this:

Floralia is a Montreal-based floral company with an overflow of talent. We were so excited to work with someone locally, and obsessed with these delicate blooms. When she made the vine crawling up the wall in the ceremony setup, we knew we had chosen correctly. 

Savanah, stop being so lovely. Dying for this loose pony by Topknot and the dewy, simple makeup by Klava Z

Okay. This scale. I get a frantic text from Elise about some vintage, gold, glass-plate scale that she sourced, followed by a thousand exclamation marks. Since I'm a visual person, I could not picture this thing until she pulled it out of the box on shoot day. She was like a giddy schoolchild sporting a new bicycle with pink streamers. 

This is the part where I started to play. We had photographed the table, the dress, the suit, the hair, the makeup, the invitation -- and this is where I found freedom. When you're allowed to be creative and do it slowly, magic happens.  

And my heart exploded. 

Some photos were just made to be side by side... 

I knew in this moment that it would forever be a signature shot. Look at those happy faces! 

My lovely, lovely friend from OSSO Sweet made this stunner of a wedding cake, which Elise placed on a vintage mirror. It was so simple yet elegant and fit perfectly with the other details. 

And no dream team would be complete without my best girl, Sarah Walsh on accessories. 

Perfect, delicate desserts on Elise's beloved scale. The girl has a vision and I love every bit of it. 

As the details were packed down, our last remaining crew members headed for a lookout point in Montreal for some dreary but ethereal portraits. The sunshine wouldn't have been on theme, so naturally the most romantic clouds settled on the city just in time for ideal light. 

One of my favourite photos ever. It looks a little bit like a painting, don't you think?  

And with that, the shoot was wrapped and we started our drive home. A full lot of memory cards and a happy heart. I will never forget this day. It truly, truly was simplicity unveiled. 

I will never forget my phone chat with Elise the day after the shoot, when we were both semi-recharged and ready to debrief. I told her that the shoot was perfection. It was everything I had been craving and wanting and hoping for...but it also made me wonder, what now? Where do we go from here?

She laughed it off and simply said, "don't you worry, there's more." 


Styling and Coordination: TOAST Events
Hair: Topknot
Makeup: Klava Zykova
Florals: Floralia 
Menswear: L'HEXAGONE
Invitation Suite and Live Painting: LaFabère
Cake & Sweets: OSSO Sweet
Models: Savanah and Kyle from Angie's Models

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  1. Laura!! These photos are seriously gorge!! Congrats team on the Ruffled feature! x


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