brittany + zach | condo rooftop engagement session at sunset

When one of your best friends gets engaged, it's good. But when her fiancé plans an elaborate surprise proposal including a teepee and champagne in a field, it's next freaking level. I can't even believe that was a whole year ago -- that's insane!

Brittany and Zach. Zach and Brittany. I'm no stranger to photographing this insanely adorable couple, but it actually gets more and more exciting each time we get to do it. And dare I say, next time I hold my camera up in front of them, it'll be because it's their WEDDING DAY! Ahh!! If you only knew how many exclamation marks are in my heart right now.

We've been talking about their engagement session for months, going back and forth about different location ideas. I couldn't get it out of my head that we had to begin with a homey wine-in-the-condo look featuring their baby-faced Brutus. And naturally, a flowy and floral dress at sunset on the rooftop. Who knew that vision would actually become a reality... It was meant to be. 

Before I gush over these two any longer, I'm diving in. 

One split second before Bru tried to lick off all of Brittany's makeup ;) If you know Brittany and Brutus firsthand, you know this isn't an exaggeration. 

If you can't open the good wine for your engagement shoot then what's the point? ;)

Umm, that's supposed to be Brittany's seat. 

And on that note, it's a wrap <3

I will never forget this day, just like I could never forget the magic of the proposal. Meeting up with Ry and celebrating over dinner, drinks, and Nutella cheesecake -- can't we just do it all over again?  

I'm saving my sappy words for you until next June. In the meantime, love you. You're the best couple. You're good looking. And I'm lucky to have you in my life. THE END!

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